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Lets get to know each other


alt foods stands for creating true alternatives. Our mission is to create great-tasting and nutritious plant-based alternatives which you can easily switch to. At alt foods we believe every product has the potential to be reimagined. To do that, we spent months figuring out what you love about milk and went above & beyond to search for the perfect blend of ingredients. The end result is the world’s FIRST grain & sprouted millets plant-based milk which can be easily used just like dairy milk.

Our milk is kinder to the environment, animals and to you. If you’ve ever thought about what you eat, the impact that has on you and the environment, you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t, it’s alright, welcome to alt foods and let’s have a conversation, shall we?

Our dairy-free milk is just the beginning

Why Sprouted Millets and Grains?

Every few years, there comes a food and diet trend that enters the market to make a difference. This time, it is the return of indigenous grains but this is more than just a fad—it is a way for us to reconnect to our roots and keep that as a constant in our diets here on. Indigenous plants or better known as millets have been serving humankind as food and medicine for generations. They’re the epitome of nutritious eating without damaging the ecosystem. More than anything, they are proof that all we need to maintain a mighty health is right here around us on local lands.

alt foods’ is very proud of using these indigenous millets and grains and leading the global conversation on these ingredients. On that note, here are some key benefits of our hero ingredients;


Nutritional Powerhouses

  • Of all major cereals, Finger Millets, Sorghum, Amaranth and Oats are known as some of the most nutritious sources of energy which are packed with antioxidants, dietary fiber and nutrients. Among the plethora of health benefits, these ingredients help control diabetes, reduce “bad” cholesterol and support the overall digestive health. They are the real superfoods!

And why not? We have over 80,000 edible plants available!

But why stop there when we could do more? We sprouted our millets!

Sprouting has been a part of our Indian culture for many years where we have grown up seeing our moms sprouting legumes like Mung, Chana and Moath beans and also seeds including Fenugreek (dana methi). Ever wondered why? The process of sprouting aids in easy digestion while increasing the availability of nutritious to be absorbed into your body. That’s a double win!


This is the story of 4 relentless millets and grains that embarked on a journey to change the way milk would be made, each have their individual benefits but together they blend in a unique way to make our delicious alt milk.

Our milk is made of ingredients that our grandmothers vouched for. It is time to benefit from these incredibly powerful ingredients today, that is what we want to bring to you.